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HOCKEY PUCKS TO SUPPORT A CAUSE ASSIST A CAUSE IMPORTANT TO YOU has assisted many organizations in their efforts to raise funds and awareness for various foundations, benefits, charities, challenged, and underprivileged organizations. If your organization would like to print a hockey puck with a sponsor logo, a slogan, a memorial photo, or special verse; we'd love to help you.
We literally get thousands of requests for donations and although we can't donate the merchandise; we will donate our time and waive setup fees if you provide us with the foundation or organization form for accountability.
Here are some popular ideas for puck uses:
• Chuck-A-Puck Promotions: sell chuck-a-pucks and have a contest to hit a target
• Mystery Puck Promotions: sell numbered logo pucks pick a number an have a winner; who keeps the puck as a souvenir.
• Autograph Sessions with a Pro: have some pros attend your event and sell limited edition collector pucks that can be purchased with or without an autograph. Have multiple Pro's, sell multiple pucks.