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Introducing Chuck-a-Puck, a popular, fun, and exciting fundraising idea for hockey teams and leagues! Our Chuck-a-Puck soft personalized hockey pucks are not only a great way to engage spectators but also help generate revenue for your sports organization. Typically numbered and sold for $1 and $5 each, these soft foam pucks create an interactive experience during contests held between hockey periods. Participants have a chance to toss their pucks and aim for targets placed on the ice, with the one closest to the target winning a prize.

The possibilities for target prizes are endless! From winning a jersey, box seats, or dinner at a local restaurant, to even bigger prizes like a flat screen TV or an iPad, you have the flexibility to get creative with your fundraising game. Donating sponsors can also enjoy announced advertising, giving your brand or sports organization visibility during the event.

Ministicks.com and our custom hockey pucks are perfect for creating a Chuck-a-Puck fundraiser and raising the funds you need for equipment, supplies, uniforms, and anything else your hockey team might need. To add a personalized touch, we can number the hockey pucks for you and even create custom hockey pucks with your organization's logo to sell at a higher price point. Get ready to have fun and raise funds with our custom Chuck-a-Puck soft hockey pucks!