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COLORED hockey pucks

HARD RUBBER - 6oz Hockey Pucks

Colored Hockey Pucks | Colored Foam Hockey Pucks. Black Hockey Pucks / Red Hockey Pucks / White Hockey Pucks / Dark Blue Hockey Pucks / Medium Blue Hockey Pucks / Orange Hockey Pucks / Green Hockey Pucks / Pink Hockey Pucks / Light Weight 4oz Blue Hockey Pucks / Light Blue Pucks / Gold Pucks

Colored pucks are official size and weight of regulation hockey pucks. They are often used for holiday hockey promotions, seasonal events, cause or awareness fundraisers or corporate promotions.
White pucks are often used by goalie coaches for goalie training. Goalies sharpen their skills using a puck that is a bit more difficult to see.
Pink pucks are very popular for Breast Cancer Awareness events and new baby girl. Light blue pucks have been used for little boy baby showers. Memorial Day hockey tournaments, Police Hockey Teams, Fire Department Hockey all use colored pucks to commemorate their event.

SOFT FOAM - 2.5oz Hockey Pucks\
Black Foam Hockey Pucks / Red Foam Hockey Pucks / White Foam Hockey Pucks / Royal Blue Foam Hockey Pucks / Orange Foam Hockey Pucks



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