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These sticks are woven in natural and white only

Wooden Mini Lacrosse Sticks | Traditional Lacrosse Stick. The Tuskarora traditional style mini lacrosse sticks are such unique lax gifts! Each stick is hand woven in your choice of colors. The wood lax sticks are made Buffalo, NY USA and the craftsmanship is like no other! Wooden lacrosse sticks are stocked in 18" and 24". These can be laser engraved. Engraved wooden lacrosse sticks make such a special gift for men's lacrosse and women's lacrosse players. These are the most unique custom lacrosse awards you will find. Some common engravings in addition to the player name are: "team captain", "school lax team name", "MVP for a tournament", "graduate", "woman lacrosse senior", whatever you choose, we'll engrave! Personalized wooden lacrosse sticks have become a popular bulk purchase for youth lacrosse camps, leagues and tournaments. Who will you pass on a smile to?



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Handcrafted mini wood lacrosse sticks! Choose from either an unprinted mini wood lacrosse stick or a custom engraved mini wood lacrosse stick. These mini lacrosse sticks make excellent lacrosse gifts, and are a popular choice for lacrosse awards. Lacrosse leagues, School lacrosse teams, and lacrosse players love these! Each mini lacrosse stick is hand crafted, and a mini lacrosse stick can be engraved with your choice of personalization. Lacrosse is a team sport and wood mini lacrosse sticks make wonderful lacrosse souvenirs or lacrosse awards. Mini lacrosse sticks are individually made of wood and hand laced. The popularity of mini lacrosse sticks has increased over the past few years. Many schools and universities use engraved mini lacrosse sticks as gifts for their graduating seniors. Many lacrosse leagues are using the mini lacrosse sticks for individual player awards.

Traditional wood mini lacrosse sticks are very popular and not too easily found; but, we have them here!! These traditional style wooden mini lacrosse sticks are sold both blank and engraved. Custom engraved mini lacrosse sticks make such a special gift for any lacrosse player. A lacrosse players name can be laser engraved into the wood. If appropriate, add some extra words for the "lacrosse team captain", "school lacrosse team name", "MVP for a lacrosse tournament". What a unique and memorable lacrosse gift.

Mini lacrosse sticks are one of the most treasured lacrosse gifts for any lacrosse player. Lacrosse tournaments, lacrosse leagues, school lacrosse teams, and lacrosse coaches use our lacrosse sticks as participation gifts and awards. Traditional style plastic mini lacrosse sticks are sold both blank and printed. We'll even string them in your team colors! These lacrosse sticks aren't meant to be played with; they are for display with lacrosse trophies and as a lacrosse keepsake.

A mini lacrosse stick can be engraved with a line of text to commemorate the organization. Engrave your team name, year, season, and player name; on the shaft of a mini lacrosse stick; guaranteed a special keepsake!

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